A safe arrival in Borneo

So this is really happening. Somehow I have found the courage, confidence and craziness to fly almost half way around the world for an epic adventure. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I am currently surviving on 90 minutes sleep and a diet of aeroplane food and fruit pastels, but the important thing is that I made it all the way to Borneo with my dignity, sanity and luggage pretty much intact. Already I’ve made several air hostesses laugh with my general indecisiveness and British awkwardness and they, in turn, have made me smile with their floral uniforms and vibrant eyeshadow (not a single air hostess neckerchief in sight!). Quite disappointingly, not once was I told that “the exits are here, here and here” on my journey, it seems that nowadays passengers are expected to follow the signs or something in case of emergencies.

Not to make you all jealous or anything but it’s pretty sunny here. I haven’t quite melted yet but it’s been close. My first impression of Borneo was: cloudy. Flying over the island it was genuinely just a bank of clouds.


But now we’ve landed Borneo has become such a vibrant place to be. Main revelation of the day: cars drive on the left in Borneo so I’m actually feeling pretty at home. Now that the journey is over, it’s time for the adventures to begin.

I’ll keep you posted,
Joanna x


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