A Taste of Borneo

Hello again World,

So I’ve now been on this fabulous island for more than 24 hours. After a meal of chicken and rice by the waterfront, I experienced my first Borneo storm (thankfully from inside). As a storm lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the incredible thunder and lightning, although I’m not sure that all those at the night market appreciated the weather quite as much as me.

This morning, following a pretty jet lag disturbed sleep (don’t worry, I didn’t have internet access so I couldn’t book another wild adventure) we headed off to a local community farm. I’m not entirely sure that bricklaying is the career for me but it felt good to begin project work. In return for our bricklaying attempts and slightly more successful weeding we were fed, once again, with chicken and rice. Although jet lag and heat led to more breaks than actual work, Team Borneo did manage to build three raised flower beds (or at least, that’s what I think we were building).


Tomorrow we’ll be off to the next camp where we will be truly off grid. Although I’ll miss talking to all of you wonderful people I am quite excited to get away from the pressures of social media and the constant bombardment of news. I think we could all do with a break from the Internet sometimes.


I wish you all well with your adventures while I’m away and I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to next time I can get online. And finally, the taste of Borneo: chicken and rice.

I’ll keep you posted,
Joanna x


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Borneo

  1. All the very best and in joy your break from the social media.Just to be in the now moment is a true blessing. Stay safe and relish every moment X.


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