Sometimes there are Sad Days

sad-cat(Written 23rd January)

Hello again World,

It’s still raining. A whole week with no sun and we’re running out of books to read. The mood today at Camp Tinangol hasn’t been helped by a cracked phone screen, countless mosquito bites and long afternoon naps that just turn to dreams of home. As soon as I woke up this morning I just knew that today was going to be a sad day. Even though I love nothing more than feeling happy and to smile, I know that you’ve also got to embrace the blue and black days into this wonderful mosaic of a life that we are given. So I’ve accepted the rain and the general feeling of sadness that it’s brought to camp today. I’ve napped and I’ve read and I’ve just lain in the hammock but I know that this storm cloud of misery is probably going to hang around for the rest of the day. Everybody’s been keeping themselves to themselves rather, dealing with the collective sadness in their own way and with the strength that we’ve built up so far whilst in Borneo.

I think today is just symbolic of a pretty important fact in life. You can’t always have clear skies, and there isn’t always a silver lining to every cloud. As hard as it is to accept, somedays are just sad. If you’re lucky you’ll have hope so that you can convince yourself that tomorrow the sun will come out. If not, you’ll just have to find a good book to lose yourself in with a hot chocolate at hand and wait for the rain to stop. After all, it can’t rain forever.

I’ll keep you posted,
Joanna x


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