The Chronicles of Injury

(Last Blog before I leave again)

Good morning World,


So far this trip I’ve fallen through rocks on the beach, scratching my entire leg; I’ve woken up to a mysteriously swollen foot; I’ve managed to hoe my own leg; and I’ve discovered that I may be allergic to mosquito bites. Nevertheless, I’ve still had an incredible time. With a positive attitude, little things like bumps and scratches are no more than decorations. Every injury is just a memory of a wonderful adventure. 


Aside from my injuries I have had a very nice break in Kota Kinabalu for the last few days. The highlight has of course got to be scuba diving. I never knew how magical the world beneath the sea is. Being so close to sting rays, puffer fish and the most beautiful rainbow fish is certainly an experience I would recommend to anyone. Looking up I could see the light dancing on the surface, looking around I could see hundreds of fish so vibrant and clear, looking down I could see the coral so intricate and every inch different from the inch before. I even found Nemo. It was all like being in an aquarium but then remembering that actually I was in the big blue ocean and these fish were in fact just going about their day to day life. It truly is another world under the sea. 



And now for a little message about the powers of perseverance. When I was learning the skills for scuba diving I was having such an awful time. The feeling of breathing from an oxygen tank and having to wear the diving mask was so unbearable unnatural. For the first hour, I thoroughly hated diving. Yet I decided to go back after a break of watermelon and biscuits to have another go at diving and hopefully see some sealife this time rather than just practise the skills. The secret to success is focusing on the end goal and striving until you achieve it. Had I not had a dream of seeing real life coral and Nemo then I would never have gone back after the first dive. Never stop fighting until you reach your dreams. 


I’ll keep you posted,

Joanna x


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