When Plans Change

Hello World,

The itinerary said that today was the day we travelled to Mantanani Island. We were up and off on the coach for 7am having rushed our way through packing and breakfast. But half an hour into the journey we were already turning back to Kota Kinabalu.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. As much as we like to think that we as humans have control of our own lives, the actual amount of power we possess is surprisingly small. There are simply so many things beyond our control: the actions of others or the weather for example. Today plans had to be changed because of the weather. As our journey to the island camp included an hour long boat ride and the weather forecasts predict a week of stormy seas, it just wasn’t safe enough to travel. I must admit that I am relieved we won’t be riding any choppy waves, after a near-death experience on the boat back from Manukan Island yesterday and the headlines of a capsized boat still in the media, I’m not too keen to take any unnecessary risks. I can’t deny that I am annoyed about the whole thing though. Instead of heading straight off to the island, Camps International have rearranged the schedule so that we spend a week at a camp on land before a fortnight on the island. The only issues are that our wifi days in KK have been cut out of the month’s schedule and, annoyingly, I’ll be spending my birthday on a coach rather than on a beach. But at the end of the day, we’ll still be doing all we hoped to do just in a slightly different order.

I suppose the lesson is that we can’t always decide our fates. The forces of nature are pretty good at having the last say and we as humans have just got to go with whatever happens. Plans change but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.borneo-museum

There are positives to this change of plan. With an extra day in KK I’ve found even more things to do here. This morning we went for a cheeky tour of the KK post office and we even got to meet the head postie. We didn’t actually manage to find the parcel we were looking for, but we did manage to get a photo with a whole load of postmen, see where the post gets sorted through and post some postcards. After our impromptu tour we headed to the Sabah museum to get some culture. Turns out they don’t really go for the dual-language information boards here in Borneo and as none of us are fluent in Malay we just had to appreciate the exhibits clueless. I was lucky enough to find a wooden flute to play in the interactive section. Not quite what I’m used to but it was good enough to play a little bit of Titanic. The museum also had a collection of local architecture which, to our tired selves, felt a little bit like paradise.borneo-museum-2

With a whole load of wonderful new people, successfully booked flights to Cambodia and a storm brewing, it’s off to the land of no wifi for us. I’ll let you know how the month goes when I finally get back online and you must all think of me on 20th February as I reach the grand old age of 19.

I’ll keep you posted,
Joanna x


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