A Beach Birthday

Hello World, Since I last wrote, I am a whole year older and wiser, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. The week leading up to my birthday was spent in the misty village of Bongkud. Our time was spent mostly on concreting a new market place for the village, although one afternoon … More A Beach Birthday

When Plans Change

Hello World, The itinerary said that today was the day we travelled to Mantanani Island. We were up and off on the coach for 7am having rushed our way through packing and breakfast. But half an hour into the journey we were already turning back to Kota Kinabalu. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. As … More When Plans Change


Hello World, Somehow I’m almost one month into this adventure and time really has flown. Living out of a rucksack and this nomadic existence are already feeling normal to me. I’ve swapped TV for books and social media for card games, changes that have brought me so much peace. From this rainforest retreat I feel … More Endangered

The Malay Way

Selamat Datang World, As I’ve been staying with a local family in a homestay here in Batu Puteh, I thought that I would attempt to paint a picture of life in a typical Borneo village for you all. To reach our house you start at the volleyball pitch under the flyover and walk away from … More The Malay Way

The Jungle Blog

(Backblog from 6th February) Many moons ago back when I was a Year 4, I discovered the wonders of the rainforest and decided that one day I wanted to sleep in a hammock beneath the canopy of a jungle. Well here I am. And let me tell you how emotionally draining putting up a hammock … More The Jungle Blog

Like Leaving a Home

(Backblog from 4th February) Good morning World, With the start of a new month, the first quarter of my trip has already passed and it’s time to leave our first camp behind us. After three weeks in the simplistic yet beautiful Camp Tinangol, it’s safe to say that this place has become a home to … More Like Leaving a Home