Welcome to Cambodia

Suostei World, Two months into this trip and it’s finally time for a new country: Cambodia. Knowing only that many Cambodians cycle as revealed to me by my homeschooled friend and her collection of Blue Peter annuals, this part of the trip was always set to be full of surprises and the unknown for me. … More Welcome to Cambodia

The Internet Detox

Hello World, I survived a month with no wifi. I haven’t developed a nervous twitch or devolved into speaking only in text language; if anything, I’m happier now and more at peace with the world. So to all you oldies out there who say scathingly that the younger generations have become far too dependent on … More The Internet Detox

Paradise Found?

Greetings World, Picture the scene: a hammock strung from tree to tree hanging above pale sands. The gentle swing as an occasional breeze takes the edge off the sun’s early afternoon glare. The sound of birds calling to each other in the depths of the jungle inland mixed with the peaceful swell as each wave … More Paradise Found?

A Beach Birthday

Hello World, Since I last wrote, I am a whole year older and wiser, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. The week leading up to my birthday was spent in the misty village of Bongkud. Our time was spent mostly on concreting a new market place for the village, although one afternoon … More A Beach Birthday

When Plans Change

Hello World, The itinerary said that today was the day we travelled to Mantanani Island. We were up and off on the coach for 7am having rushed our way through packing and breakfast. But half an hour into the journey we were already turning back to Kota Kinabalu. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. As … More When Plans Change